Residents evaluate tornado damage in Iowa and Nebraska while the storm threat persists.

OMAHA, Nebraska (AP) – After a tornado tore through suburban Omaha, Nebraska, destroying houses and businesses as it traveled for miles over farmland and into suburbs before slamming into an Iowa town, residents started sorting through the debris on Saturday.

In the Midwest on Friday, numerous tornadoes were reported to have caused havoc. In Omaha alone, at least 150 homes were destroyed or severely damaged, and a structure collapsed with dozens of people inside.

Less than two dozen patients received treatment at Omaha-area hospitals, and no fatalities were reported, according to Dr. Lindsay Huse, the city’s Douglas County Health Department’s health director.

“Amazing,” she remarked, emphasizing that none of the injuries sustained by the city were severe. A few injuries were reported by neighboring villages.

Beginning Friday afternoon, there was tornado damage close to Lincoln, Nebraska. Seventy individuals were inside an industrial facility in Lancaster County when it collapsed due to an impact. Authorities claimed that the three injuries were not life-threatening and that although some people were trapped, everyone was removed.

Then, for about an hour, one or maybe two tornadoes moved slowly into Omaha, producing damage commensurate with an EF3 twister with speeds between 135 and 165 mph, according to Chris Franks, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Omaha office.

In the end, the tornado struck the Elkhorn neighborhood in western Omaha, a 485,000-person city with a roughly 1-million-person metropolitan region.

A year or so ago, James Stennis moved to the Elkhorn area. “We barely made it to the basement and then we heard the destruction going on upstairs,” he recalled. “Wow!”

To make sure no one was trapped, firefighters worked late into the night. There, the sounds of chainsaws took over by Saturday am. Piles of ruined homes’ lumber were lying around. The trees were skeleton, with most of their branches missing, and fences had been toppled.






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